Copyright councelling and forensic musicology

Do you need musicological advice within music rights or copyright infringement?
Paal Fagerheim offers expertise, advice and guidance on
- Copyright and music
- Copyright and lyrics
- Copyright and recordings

This includes musical analysis, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structures with transcriptions and other scientific methods to identify the unique of a musical work. Advice regarding musical works and lyrics also includes detailed analysis and identification of similarity between two different recordings of works. Analyzes clarify remakes as arrangement or cover, as well as analyzes levels of originality. 


This includes analyzes of recordings and use of samples, whether a recording contains samples from other recordings, as well as identification of samples that may represent copyright infringement. We offer precise information about whether samples need clearance from rights holders, as well as reports with detailed analyzes and thorough documentation. This also includes analyzes of music used in advertising, film, media and other visual productions.

Paal Fagerheim 
Paal Fagerheim is professor of musicology with doctorate (Ph.d) in popular music research from NTNU. He is a specialist in musical analysis, transcription, musical notation and detailed identification of supporting musical parameters in compositions. This also includes music sociological analyzes of composition, songwriting and music production in the field of popular music, which is of central importance for the distribution of various rights in works and/or masters.